Friday, January 11, 2013

How you can receive a Diabetic Alert Dog!

The Jewish Community Center in Milwaukee is sponsoring a night filled with fun and laughter. This night is also filled with the generosity of others. They will be raising money to fund at least 10 diabetic alert dogs. These service dogs can be lifesaving and will improve your quality of life.
These service dogs will be trained through the National Institute for Diabetic Alert Dogs. They train diabetic alert dogs to alert high and low blood sugar, to be obedient, and to be a wonderful companion that will give you love and devotion.
 click N.I.D.A.D. icon to apply
We know that many people have a desire to bring this type of service dog into their home but have been unable to fund it or raise the required money needed. If you or a loved one falls into this category then help is here.

The application process is simple. Please click the link above (the icon for National Institute for Diabetic Alert Dog Inc.) or on the right to N.I.D.A.D’s website. Here you will be able to learn more about diabetic alert dogs and learn how N.I.D.A.D takes extensive step to match the perfect dog for you and train them to their highest level. You will also find an application button on the top of the front page. Please fill out this form and then in the category called “additional info you feel is relevant” please answer the following questions:

Local applicants from the Milwaukee, WI and surrounding areas must answer:
• Jewish Community Center Funding (Please make sure you state this at the top so that you will be eligible to receive the funding.)
• Where did you hear about this funding? (news, dr. office, JDRF, NIDAD, …)
• What is your yearly income?
• Have you been hospitalized in the last year or had a major medical episode in regards to your diabetes?
• Do you have any other conditions that make it hard to manage diabetes?

Nationwide applicants coming from N.I.D.A.D please answer the above questions as well as the questions below:
• When were you accepted to receive a Diabetic Alert Dog through N.I.D.A.D.?
• What kind of fundraising have you done?
• How much money have you already raised?

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at  Thank you for your time.  Our hearts are with you and your family.

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